What is: Mobile Marketing

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Marketing executives are always on the lookout for newer paradigms to sell their services. A recent entrant into the niche is mobile marketing. What exactly is mobile marketing? Is it an elaborate ploy to make you subscribe to unwanted services and fleece money from you? On the other hand, is it a reliable manner to find feasible information? What are the different types of mobile marketing strategies?

Mobile marketing is nothing but the use of mobile phones to sell a service effectively. Ever since the introduction of these wireless devices, men (and women) seem to have a never-ending fascination for mobile phones and various value added services provided by their respective cellular service providers. The marketing professionals were quick to realize the true vantages offered specifically by this kind of merchandising phenomenon. The innovativeness of mobile marketing lies in the fact that it is a win-win situation for the advertiser and the consumer.

The underlying principles are actually quite simple - have you ever received a short message from your cellular service provider claiming a limited period offer? Yes, SMS is one of the most commonly utilized forms of mobile marketing strategy; even the low-end handsets have the facility to send and receive SMS messages and the advertiser will make use of this. Advertising on the mobile phone or mobile advertising was the initial step taken by the cellular service providers. Thousands of companies that generate billions in profits every year, with the productive use of mobile advertisements (in addition to the web and other parts of the marketing mix) is in existence on this day - and quite a few mobile marketing agencies are popping up all over the globe.

Although mobile marketing is alternatively termed as SMS marketing, the marketers are slowly shifting their focus away from it. They realized that people do not fancy plain 160 character messages on their cell phones and hence these advertisers introduced MMS and Bluetooth marketing. MMS or multi-media messaging is averaging high earnings due to the high proliferation of advanced GSM and CDMA mobile technologies such as 3G and EVDO. Bluetooth mobile marketing is the widespread use of the popular wireless technology (commonly used to transfer content in between mobile phones) for beaming the latest offers to the subscribers. Subscribers is a key word, as taking this type of data from public records poses a huge privacy issue and this is illegal in most countries.

Is there any future for mobile marketing? Yes, the current and the emerging trends are displaying a promising time ahead for the advertisers - making it possible to do both product marketing and brand marketing. It increases the competition among the lot and people always fall for "now or never offer". The tendency is already prevailing in the internet; try browsing through the online world without ad-blocking software or browser plug-ins and you will feel that you are traversing through a virtual marketplace! We take a look at how we feel Mobile Marketing can evolve, and see a bright future!

Although there has been a plethora of privacy concerns regarding mobile marketing, obviously something you don't have on an anonymous tv monitor, the continual sustenance of the paradigm brings asmile into the face of any advertiser. These days they are implementing various psychological elements; in-game mobile marketing is an effective step in that niche. When you are playing a mobile game, an advertisement of your favorite refreshment might tempt you to purchase it or maybe have a sip from the refrigerator. Keep us updated with your experiences!